The basic Leadingship premises have found their way into ‘Leadingship - Exploring the Essence of Leadership Dynamics’ but also into 2 other books.

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The Leadingship principles have also been introduced in the coaching realm. The Dutch book ‘Mastery In Coaching’ has been published by Boom/Nelissen in 2014. It connects coaches, therapists, & consultants to the inspiration that lies beyond the horizons of responsibility, method and skill.

In 2013 I was asked to contribute to a Dutch book on organisational self-governance: ‘Zelfsturing, bottom-up organiseren’. I wrote a chapter called ‘Leadership Standing Trial’, which was a fictional press release about traditional leadership being charged with violation of Human Rights.



This little condensed book, that bridges the gap between leadership development and self-inquiry, received quite a lot of immediate attention. One of its first readers shouted:

‘This stuff is so strong, if you could inhale it, it would be illegal!’

It found both a UK and a Dutch publisher within weeks and was released by both publishers in the same month. Two years later it fell in the hands of Indian Manjul Publishing who put the book in the same stall as Stephen Covey’s, John C. Maxwell and Napoleon Hill’s books.

Professionals in leadership positions have read it, as well as people interested in the crossover between personal leadership and spiritual development. It’s been purchased as an inspirational Christmas present  for corporate employees and it has been spread amongst international consultant networks. It was even unexpectedly nominated for the Best Coaching Book of The Year Awards.

You can scroll through reader reviews to the right. Or you can just go ahead and let yourself be caught off guard when purchasing it in major bookstores, on any of the Amazon-sites or on another country and topic specific site like BarnesandNoble.com, Bol.com or Managementboek.nl.