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Exponential growth, chaos, crisis and uncertainty cannot be controlled, new answers cannot be found in the defined territory of ‘the known’. Leadingship Facilitation therefore navigates professional influencers through the uncontrollable seas of ‘the unknown’ in search of new and undefined inspiration.


Leadingship Facilitation moves professional influencers beyond the dried up models of controlled personal influence. It first strips away dogmatic notions, ideas and assumptions on personal & positional leadership. It creates awareness of all verbal and non-verbal communication. Then, pure authenticity gets realigned with professional purpose. The senses get trained to become more receptive and discerning of crucial information within the increasing stream of input. The tuned senses get included in all decision-making processes. In other words, a razor-sharp present moment awareness will be put in charge of dealing with hard facts.


Leadingship typically speaks to executives, directors, (senior-)managers, business owners and leadership coaches & trainers who have walked the traditional path of leadership development and are ready for the new wave. These professionals have an innate sense of pioneering that makes them naturally sit at the forefront of any leadership evolution.

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Leadingship Facilitation is radically different from traditional leadership development and speaks to the rapidly changing technological, economical, political and cultural times.